CMS to release payment data

The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) announces release of Medicare payment data

So....CMS....will you also be releasing the various costs of providing these services?  Here are some examples (since you are only inclined to provide one side of the equation as well as being hell-bent on painting doctors as fradulent and over-paid):

1.  The trend of small business expenses.  You know, crazy, non-essential things such as heating oil, electricity, staff, supplies, etc.  For reference, my heating bill is about $1200 every 3 weeks.
 2.  The increasing cost of malpractice insurance.
3.  The significant increase in the DEA registration fee so I can prescribe medication (
4.  The graph showing that, over the past 20 years, payment from Medicare has not kept up with the cost of providing fact, it has been a "loss"! (see page 13 -
5.  The number of hours physicians have had to devote to administrative burdens such as fighting with insurance companies so that patients can receive the care their doctor, you know....they one who went to medical school to learn how to care for patients, is recommending?
6.  would you like me to continue or is this a good place to start?