First week of change

Well, we are entering into the first full week of freedom.  We introduced out Direct Care Plan (DCP) on January 1st and thus far, it's become quite the buzz.  Not only have patients been chatting about it, but the professional community is as well.  Less than 24 hours after Day 1 (Day 0 was 01/01/2014, but we're not counting that day as we were all a bit preoccupied with trying to survive our first day of our New Year's Resolutions!), we received calls from the professional community about the "buzz" with our DCP.  What's this all about?  What do you mean you're not going to be taking insurance?  What a great come no one else is doing this?  Actually, there are several other physicians across the US doing the very same thing and it's about freedom!  Freedom to partner with our patients to provide high quality healthcare.  Freedom to truly "care" for out patients without the preoccupation and fear of what the next meaningless "quality measure" is going to be.  Freedom to sit and listen to our patients' stories.  Freedom to develop an individualized plan of care for their health and well-being.  Freedom to....well, be a doctor....and be a patient.