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Eastern, Central and Northern Maine's only direct care practice providing concentrated and individualized family medical care to patients of all ages.

You and your family will see the same doctor for every visit (with same day or next day appointments), have access to wholesale prices on medications and lab testing and a doctor who returns your calls personally!

Act now as membership in our Direct Care Plan is limited to 600 patients

This is the open enrollment period for the Obamacare insurance exchanges when you may choose an insurance plan for the next year.

Direct Primary Care is simple but insurance is as complicated as ever. Many people don't understand the difference between a PPO plan and the more restrictive HMOs and EPOs [link].

We find that the PPOs generally cause far fewer problems for our patients, especially when it comes to referrals.

HMOs have higher out of pocket costs for referrals if you use an out of network physician (like all Direct Primary Care physicians).  If you want your choice of physicians but lower costs, many choose a high deductible PPO plan.

As we've noted here in the past, for some expenses (most non-urgent tests, some medications) many of our patients find they get a far lower price if they don't use their insurance at all and simply pay cash at time of service. Many choose this option unless they think they will meet their deductible for the year.

Finally, we're starting to see patients that use healthcare cost sharing ministries. These are ethical or religious based entities that are included in the ACA (Obamacare) and give some protection against healthcare costs as well as the Obamacare tax. We haven't had any experience with these yet.

We encourage everyone to check with your own financial advisor(s).

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