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Dr. Jack is an amazing iconoclast amongst doctors. I say this not because I consider him a friend, but because I have gotten to experience the form of medicine that he practices over the course of the last 4 weeks. Dr. Jack is a minority amongst modern doctors. Many physicians profess to want the old-fashioned way for medical environments: non-hurried patient interactions, small clinics, and physician independence. However, these individuals sacrifice this idea for comfort. Dr. Jack is the first individual that I have met that sacrifices comfort to create this ideal. What this means for the student is that we are able to really experience a genuine patient interaction. We are provided non-hurried appointments ourselves, which allows for the medical student to build a wonderful relationship with the patients - and this is directly tied to the clinic that Dr. Forbush has created. It is apparent through patient testimonies that Dr Jack is doing something right. As he transitions into a new form of medicine he is unfortunately losing some of his patients. But it is the emotional reaction by the patients that are most impressive. The patients consider Dr. Jack as a family member, and lament having to move to another doctor in a more traditional medical system. And it is these reactions that solidify the idea of an impressive individual trying to do the right thing in medicine.

In my opinion the strength of this rotation is the expectation of independence. From the beginning Dr. Forbush communicates the expectation that a student should be independent of the resident, while thinking and preforming as if they themselves are an independent physicians themselves. This paradigm is in stark contrast to our general experience as students - our experiences teach us to ask for permission, and remaining in a subservient student role. Here at the Osteopathic Center you are told act like a partner in the clinic. The beauty in this design is that it does a better job preparing the student to be an independent entity in healthcare then many of our other rotations. It builds a performance confidence that many of us need, unless of course you are of the few that really shouldn’t have it.
— Cole S

Jack is intelligent and fun to work with. Very methodical in his approach to problem solving.
— Patrick J
Last year before my 45th birthday Jack’s office called to tell me it was time to get a physical. How many doctors call to tell you they miss you? He ordered a fairly comprehensive blood test panel to determine the cause of my ailments.

I took the orders to my local facility but they would not quote the price up front. They drew my blood, ran the tests and billed me $1800. 

After my insurance paid their portion, I was left with a bill in excess of $1600. I called them to negotiate a lower price and was flatly refused.  They told me that they price compared against two other large hospitals relatively nearby and were priced lower, so there was no room for negotiation.

So, when I emailed Dr. Forbush to get more information about his new Direct Care Plan, I found out that this same panel of blood tests would now only cost me less than $350.

Yes, I cursed.
— Ben W
Finally an office that listens to you, the patient. You are put first as a patient. Jack takes his time and really puts you at ease. I love the atmosphere of the office and coming in and seeing the dogs immediately makes a sometime stressful situation calm. I am very thankful to have OCFM as my provider
— Nancy M
My first visit was today and I’m impressed! So glad to have found a clinic that has the same ideas about wellness plus the ability to do many things on site. Thanks!
— Gina S
Jack possesses a rare blend of business acumen, technology savvy, and outstanding communication skills, which places him at the pinnacle of his profession (private practice healthcare) in leveraging technology to create optimal efficiency and productivity.
— Scott G
Dr. Forbush is an excellent osteopathic physician who I highly recommend to anyone seeking medical care.
— Bill F
Dr. Forbush currently serves on the Maine Osteopathic Association Board of Directors and is also the Chair of the Technology and Communications Committee. Jack is hard working, detail oriented and very talented. He is a wonderful colleague. I would highly recommend him!
— Angela W